DVJ Insights realises like no other that research is necessary to achieve growth. We do see, however, that a lot of research comes up short in providing answers and insights. For this reason, listening is key to the approach of DVJ Insights.

Listening better is exhibited in various ways. Listening better to our clients by designing the process differently. Listening better to respondents by using an approach other than surveys. Listening better to the science by using many scientific principles and validating everything on a large scale. And, lastly: listening better to other sources by involving all relevant data in the project.

Better surveys = better research

Our unique online Mass Qualitative approach is more than just the integration of qualitative techniques in our quantitative framework of research products. We have developed additional tools for each challenge – tools that help us to better understand the WHY. All of these tools are validated and optimized for online research. This enables us to explore and validate at the same time, and it helps us to better understand business issues. And – even more important – provide our clients concrete advice for solving problems.

Sometimes these techniques are genuinely qualitative, such as storytelling or free association in order to really understand which drivers and barriers are present in a category. However, Mass Qual can also mean that we use observational or implicit techniques to discern the actual behaviour of the consumer.

Integration of non-survey data

Integration of various data sources to determine and broaden the playing field is another method we use to enrich our research and gather additional insights. Many data sources are already present within the organisations but are often fragmented, making it difficult to provide explanations for these numbers. Through our unique, integrated approach using survey and non-survey data analyses, we make connections among, for example, the media purchases, brand KPIs and behavioural data such as shop visits, site visits or sales. Making use of other relevant sources is standardly done for all solutions, but it is unique for our manner of brand and communications tracking.

Scientific basis

In research, general truths or assumptions are often used where much empirical research has already been done in the scientific community. In many cases, scientific research has shown that these principles rest on outdated information and should be replaced or refined. A well-known example is the sobering truth of “How Brands Grow”, but there are many more. At DVJ Insights, we call this “Reality Facts”. These facts are based on extensive scientific research and form the basis for the entire product portfolio.

Another way in which scientific knowledge is integrated in the organisation involves the research process. In research, we too often limit ourselves to one-dimensional statistics. Because we would like to obtain more information from the available data, we have completely integrated multidimensional statistics in the way we approach and analyse the available data.

Embedded Research

Good research never stands alone. That is why it is important to discern at the start of each research project the knowledge which is already available in the organisation. This leads to better surveys and more precise reports. DVJ Insights has therefore included the following steps in the guidance and execution of all projects.

We pay a great deal of attention to the kick-off phase. This includes always starting with a review of all of the existing material and research. Stakeholder interviews are not to be overlooked, in order to properly coordinate both the execution as well as the reporting with the needs. For the reporting, we often then opt for an interactive workshop based on the FUA. DVJ Insights presents the Findings and gives meaning to them (Understanding). Together with the client, we then determine the Actions.


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