In March, we were presenting at the Insight Show in London with Trevor Roberts, Head of Insight at Sky, TV Products. The slides are attached below. At DVJ we have proven that advertising testing is vital to optimise campaigns, and deliver effectiveness. Tests have shown that the best performing ads need 300 fewer GRPS to be successful in market than the worst performing ads.

But we often see testing done in a forced exposure method, which doesn’t take into account the way that people consume media. We have developed tools which allows advertising to be shown to respondents in the natural environment, and allows us to measure new engagement and impact KPI’s, not present in other testing tools. These new KPI’s help brands to optimise and improve their advertising and deliver more impact for less investment.

We have been working with different teams at Sky over the last 12 months testing dozens of pieces of content. The presentation touches on some of the ways we have improved performance for Now TV.

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Click on the sheet to open the presentation (PDF).