Customer Journey

Customer Journey research precisely identifies the motives for purchasing products. For optimization of all touchpoints, it is important to thoroughly understand how the process runs, from latent need to the actual use. The Customer Journey uses the general principle that there is not one journey but that it can differ per person. The basis for each purchase is a “trigger”. That is why each consumer journey study begins with charting all relevant triggers. The use of storytelling prevents making the mistake of forcing people to take part in a particular process, but rather understanding the process after each trigger. Only after people have shared their own story can we better understand and chart the various phases and their importance.

Customer Journey research is indispensable for any company that wants to better understand where there is still room for optimization and which touchpoints deserve the most attention. The qualitative approach guarantees that an explanation can always be found.

Shopper Mission Study

Carrying out a shopper mission study provides insight into the underlying motives and motivations of making a purchase. For every category, there are missions that transcend the category. Therefore, it is important to know the missions and to be able to relate them to each category.

A shopper mission study assumes the need states of consumers and how this is translated into making a purchase. What is important to realise here is that consumers seldom visit a purchasing channel for just one category. Understanding the underlying motives is therefore important and can help to justify channel choices.

A shopper mission study makes use of our “Mass Qual” approach, which enriches each mission with stories that help to fully optimize category management.

Shelf Optimiser

With the Shelf Optimiser, each shelf can be sorted in the best possible manner, starting with the packaging on the shelf. Each category benefits from an optimally functioning shelf. What is important here is the general appearance and the ease with which everyone can find his or her product of preference. Shelf Optimiser is a unique product that measures the associations of a shelf combined with the speed with which people can find their products.

The research is characterised by a combination of various techniques, and it has the advantage of being able to test various shop combinations in a relatively easy manner. As category leader, it is important to provide a good example and show retailers which shelf can make the greatest contribution to a total supermarket experience.


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