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The new Toblerone: “Might as well make it a regular chocolate bar…”

  Toblerone is an iconic brand that, since its emergence in 1908, has held its triangular shape. According to legend, this shape was inspired by the Matterhorn Theodor Tobler had [...]

Story telling and free association

On the Insight show we are presenting how PPG Coatings has turned their innovation cycle into a more consumer centric approach. The key to this is listening better to the [...]

Newsletter: Introducing DVJ Insights & Simon McDonald

Introducing DVJ Insights & Simon McDonald Introduction to DVJ Insights DVJ Insights, which opened an office in London last year, has appointed Simon McDonald as its Managing Director in the [...]

Lucas wins the MOAward for the second time

Wednesday June 10th it was announced that Lucas won his second MOAward for researcher of the year. It goes without saying that we are all very proud of his achievement. [...]

Yes, we are nominated!

The branche organisation for Market Research (MOA) announced today that Lucas Hulsebos – CEO of DVJ Insights – has been nominated for a MOAward in the category: Agency Researcher of [...]

Jean Mineur Mediavision and DVJ Insights will measure the impact of cinema advertising

To understand more about the impact of cinema advertising, Jean Mineur Mediavision and DVJ Insights will collaborate in the development new research program. In this global research program, we will [...]

Workshop DVJ at EphMRA conference 2015

After giving presentations on the MIE and the Insights Innovation Exchange (IIeX), DVJ Insights will be speaking on the largest European pharmaceutical marketing research conference: the EphMRA. On wednesday, 24th [...]

Press Release – DVJ Insights Opens London Office

View or download our press release here (pdf file): Press Release - DVJ Insights Opens London Office Our UK address is: DVJ Insights 104d St Johns Street London EC1M 4EH

Why Forced Exposure will lead to the wrong diagnostics

An ad cannot create any effect if it is not processed. And besides that, an ad cannot create impact if the ad is not correctly linked to the brand. In [...]

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