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Top 7 KPI’s that drive brand impact

Article - Which KPI’s contribute the most to an effective TVC?   As a marketing research company, we don’t just conduct studies for clients. We use our research to learn [...]

Do better!

Column Lucas Hulsebos – CEO DVJ Insights   It will be difficult for us to top 2018. A year where DVJ Insights won a lot of prizes due to our [...]


Case Study - Can we integrate PR when measuring the effectiveness of media? “We were able to gain an even better insight in the impact of our media by not [...]

What is the best kpi for measuring media?

Case Study - Validating RPS compared to expenditures and GRP’s   In our Brand Growth study which is related to media, we spoke with over 50 different CMO’s. We found [...]

Top and Tail Media Buys

Column Simon McDonald – Managing Director UK   Improving (and proving) Brand Attribution and Message Clarity A top and tail media buy (or bookending) is a familiar concept where the [...]

Conquering the land of CEP’s

Blog Roderik Sorbi – Senior Consultant   Maybe you’re at the train station and you’re too hungry to wait for dinner at home, so you eat a candy-bar. Or you’re [...]

RPS+ Creative element

Case Study - Can we integrate the creative strength in media optimization?   DVJ developed a new innovative measure for media contacts to analyse the impact of media channels: The Reality [...]

Standing out through the creative strength of a campaign

Blog Marian Cammaert – Client Consultant   The creative strength of a commercial is important. That’s something you don’t have to convince me of anymore. For years I have been [...]

It’s time to start understanding the Why, behind the What

Blog Simon McDonald – Managing Director UK   Starting today, as spoken by the Italian Farmer DVJ Insights were once again a sponsor and partner to the AAI conference in [...]

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