As of 1 March, Marieke van Echtelt will assume the position of new Managing Director at DVJ Insights and Novio Research in the Netherlands. This new position is necessary to keep the rapid growth on track and move both DVJ Insights and Novio Research into the next phase. Marieke van Echtelt previously worked at STER, where she served in various roles over the past ten years.

Within DVJ Insights, Marieke van Echtelt will head the management team responsible for the growth strategy for the years ahead. The policy focus for the coming years will be investing in quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Quality applies to people and products, while effectiveness and efficiency relate primarily to management.

Marieke van Echtelt explains her move from being a client to joining the company: “The major attraction of DVJ Insights, as far as I’m concerned, is its unique vision of research and the phase that DVJ Insights has reached. The research methods appeal to me because of my expertise, and the organisation appeals to my drive to do my job better every day than the day before. Not to mention, of course, everybody wants to be part of a success story, including me. My ambition is to keep up DVJ’s growth curve together with all my new colleagues. That takes the right kind of organisation, with the best products and the best people. It’s my job to bring those into the organisation. And, of course, just like all my colleagues, I will do my part to advise our clients, based on our insights.”

From her time at STER, Marieke van Echtelt brings with her a vision that fits well with the long-term strategy of DVJ Insights: “Within companies, various disciplines are working much more closely with one another, and data are becoming more readily available. The quality of this data collection and analysis is essential for creating valuable insights. DVJ helps with this by using the best research methods and intelligent analyses. That’s why we invest in the quality of our products and we are constantly on the lookout for the best people. This way, we can keep contributing to the growth of our clients and their brands, now and in the future.”

DVJ Insights CEO Lucas Hulsebos comments on Marieke’s future: “The rapid growth of DVJ Insights and Novio Research demand more structure and organisation, as we continue our drive towards innovation and added value. The size of the company determines the need for a new position like this one. Marieke’s arrival also coincides with our move to a larger office building. From our new work space, we’re looking forward to the future and we are also very happy to have Marieke on board.”