Idea Generation

The idea generation module is a standard part of a concept test but it can also be used separately. The idea behind this approach is based on storytelling theories. For generating ideas, it is important to understand the language of the consumer. In normal research with statements, ideas are often validated but not developed. With storytelling, this works differently.

Idea generation starts with the vision of the category or domain. By collecting both free associations in combination with stories, real insight into what drives the consumer is attained. Idea generation is a powerful way of arriving at insights that are actually based on the brain of the consumer.

Concept Optimiser

The Concept Optimiser is a unique way of testing the potential of a new idea or product. A well-written concept is based on a strong insight, a clear promise and the right Reasons to Believe. Research often takes insufficient account of the underlying aspects; everything is thrown onto one heap. The Concept Optimiser does distinguish among the underlying aspects and measures the strength of these aspects, both in combination and separately.

The Concept Optimiser is used to measure the potential of the market by making use of a validated Accepter-Rejecter technique combined with rich qualitative feedback. The responses to the “insight” behind the concept are measured by storytelling. Instant appeal is then charted by making use of free associations along with several validated statements. The Accepter-Rejecter technique is more powerful and has more forecasting value than just the question of purchase intention, and it also offers the option of creating various groups based on acceptance or rejection. The underlying analyses show precisely how the idea can be refined.


The In-Home Use Test (I-HUT) is a unique test to properly chart both trial as well as repeat of a product. The success of a product is only clear after the product itself has been used. The I-HUT from DVJ Insights is therefore also an integrated approach to concept research with a phase in which consumers experience the product themselves. As a result of the consistent and phased approach, we can evaluate the product and the potential in their entirety. During the I-HUT, a great deal of knowledge is gathered about the best go-to market strategy.

An I-HUT is an effective instrument to determine the chance of success prior to the large investments that accompany the introduction of new products. It reduces the risk of failure and offers detailed insights into the best method of communication. I-HUT makes use of the unique Mass Qual approach from DVJ Insights.


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