DVJ Storybooks

What’s the point of great research if no one ever reads it? Bring your insights to life, spread the word, create internal leverage and extend the shelf life with storybooks.

That a report must inspire, comes naturally. Furthermore we noticed that stories are a great source of inspiration. In many of our research products we successfully conduct the ‘mass qual method’. Big and varied target groups are delivering both quantitative feedback and stories with emotional aspects. To experience these emotions, storybooks are a good addition to many of our projects. Reading these stories not only offers inspiration, it also ties results together. Therefore these storybooks are often shared prior to a workshop. This helps us understand better why something happens.

“Just wanted to let you know the meeting was a great success. I don’t think anyone could have foreseen how animated and genuinely excited they were for research results that really delivered home what the campaign set out to achieve. The team we met with were responsible for the content and communications side of the Group and I think the research proved the value of content internally and externally.

So a big thanks, and as you can imagine the brochure was the icing on the cake! I think we’ll be needing more copies.”

Phil Robinson, Head of Research and Insight, Bloomberg Media

“We’ve shared the cut down results from this last piece with CEO, brand director and Sales & Marketing director – they loved it”

Trevor Roberts, Head of Insight, NOW TV Proposition & Prospects

“DVJ Insights are a fantastic agency to work with. Right from the start they challenged our thinking and designed a clever research study to get to the heart of our research objectives, ultimately over-delivering against our expectations. If you’re looking for fresh thinking and new ways of getting close to the consumer DVJ Insights are the team to call.”

Ciara McCabe, Consumer Insight Manager Europe and Russia, Kerry Taste and Nutrition