Utrecht, October 21st, 2019, DVJ Insights, the marketing research and analytics agency for brand growth, has been awarded with the FD Gazellen for the second consecutive year. The FD Gazellen Awards are presented to Dutch companies that have grown at least 20% in revenue over the past three years and were profitable the year before. DVJ Insights is one of the 770 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Lucas Hulsebos, CEO DVJ Insights: “The fact that DVJ Insights once again belongs to one of the fastest growing companies, is fantastic news. For us this is a fantastic reward for our structural growth. What makes our FD Gazelle special, compared to others, is how we realise our growth. Our growth is purely organic. The growth in number of clients is related to the performance of our company and effort from our entire team. And we’re very proud of that. It confirms that our vision on brand growth is fully integrated in our organisation and this, and our innovative view on market research, is greatly appreciated by our clients.”

Success through growth

DVJ Insights has been growing significantly for the past 4 years through investments in marketing science and sharing the findings with practice. The Brand Growth platform, which is an example of this, has become an international hit. Well known people in the industry such as marketing gurus Les Binet and Mark Ritson emphasise the uniqueness of this platform in the market. Lucas: “We are fully present in the Netherlands and the UK with our own Brand Growth Event, but were also on stage of the internationally highly respected Festival of Marketing. That’s amazing. I’m proud to say we’ll be opening DVJ Insights in Germany this year.”

About the FD Gazellen 2019

The FD Gazellen Awards are annually awarded to Dutch companies, and this year marks the sixteenth year. The award is presented to the companies that have continuously realised at least 20% growth in revenue over the past three years.