FD Gazellen: the awards for the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands

Utrecht, October 29th, 2018. De FD Gazellen Awards are rewarded to Dutch companies that have grown at least 20% in revenue over the past three years and were profitable in the year before. DVJ Insights is one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands and therefore winner of the FD Gazellen 2018.

Lucas Hulsebos, CEO DVJ Insights: “The fact that DVJ belongs to one of the fastest growing companies, is fantastic news. We see this FD Gazelle as a fantastic reward for our structural growth. In just a few years’ time, DVJ Insights shows astonishing double-digit growth figures. And although we’re far from done, we’re incredibly proud of that! The market acknowledges the development DVJ Insights has made. In 2017 we already belonged to the top 3 of best bureaus, and this year DVJ Insights was chosen as thé best Marketing Research & Analytics bureau of The Netherlands. We’re very proud of that. It confirms that our vision on brand growth and the link to innovating products is appreciated by our clients. This translates in to the fact that we are now FD Gazelle 2018.”

Growth in number of employees
DVJ Insights grows fast. Not just in revenue, but in employees too. DVJ doesn’t want to be the biggest necessarily, but we do want to be the best, and have the most fun. Lucas: “We want to show how great research can be. That applies to our clients, but to our employees too. With room for the personal growth of our people. It’s only then, research can help companies grow and create an infrastructure where innovation and creativity are leading.”

About the FD Gazellen 2018
The FD Gazellen Awards are annually awarded to Dutch companies, and this year marks the fifteenth year. Starting from 2018, the ranking of the FD Gazellen-list has changed. It’s no longer only growth in revenue that matters, the growth of employees (measured in FTE) and profitability are now taken into account as well. The gold, silver and bronze FD Gazellen will be announced at the regional awards in November.