Brand Reality is a strategic study in which we chart the growth potential of a brand and a domain. To be able to interpret this growth potential, it is important to understand the motivations and motives within a domain, and to relate this to the use and appreciation of a brand. BrandReality is a strategic study that forms the foundation for every marketing plan.

The implementation is “Mass Qual”, where we make use of storytelling and free associations combined with insight into the behaviour and use within a category. Because we always conduct this research using large representative samples, the outcomes are linked to the volumes in the market. BrandReality is based on the scientific theories of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute.

Reality Analytics

RealityAnalytics is the new generation of brand and communications tracking, where integration is leading. Firstly, RealityAnalytics integrates all relevant data sources. This makes it possible to link tracking directly to sales. Secondly, RealityAnalytics integrates Mass Qual techniques so that there is even better insight into the “WHY”. And thirdly, there is the integration with scientific knowledge and media planning. That is why a measure has been developed which registers all contacts with a brand per week so that all contact possibilities are integrated (offline, online, PR and in-store). This measure can be used to better deploy and plan media investments over time.

The foundation of RealityAnalytics is shaped by an interactive platform where clients receive easy access to all relevant brand and communication KPIs. This platform is not only a dashboard but also offers various opportunities for analysis. For example, there is a unique campaign evaluation tool and a tool that can be used to measure the effectiveness of future media plans. Our clients who use these unique media modules are thus able to increase their ROI.


AdReality is a full pre-test that takes into account the way in which people look at or listen to advertising as well as the role of emotions in advertising. A lot of advertising is still tested incorrectly, by not taking into account advertisement avoidance and by not looking enough at real emotions. AdReality is a unique approach to measure the strength of all types of communication expressions. The base for the measurement is the natural media behaviour of consumers, where people determine whether and how long they want to view or listen. This is combined with various implicit ways of charting the real emotions of people.

AdReality combines registration, and implicit and explicit research techniques, to arrive at a full insight into the potential of the communication expressions. By comparing this with a robust benchmark, every advertiser immediately knows whether and how improvements are possible. AdReality is focused on short-term communications development projects. A full report is therefore available within a few days of delivery. AdReality has been developed for TV, online video, film theatres, online ads, radio, print, outdoor and e-mail.


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