Research is a profession which is performed by people. To be able to add value, it is important that people develop themselves personally. That is why everyone at DVJ Research Group receives time for personal development. This is expressed in involvement in Brand Boardroom, NIMA, MWG, MOA, SMART, Pharma researchers in providing trainings and social involvement, amongst other things. Working at DVJ Insights must be fun above all, and this experience and involvement is visible in the passion with which projects are carried out.

Management Team

Lucas Hulsebos


Lucas Hulsebos is co-owner and CEO of DVJ Insights and has been conducting research for more than 20 years. Lucas started at GfK, has established an eye-tracking agency in the Netherlands and Germany, and was globally responsible for all the brand and communications research at MetrixLab. Lucas is active in the Brand Boardroom, is a lecturer at EURIB, and is a member of the advisory boards of SWOCC and the University of Groningen. In 2015, Lucas was selected by the MOA as researcher of the year, for the second time.

In addition to research, Lucas is a fan of CrossFit and running. We are specifically not saying much about CrossFit: Lucas will gladly tell you more about it himself.

Ronald Jansen


Ronald Jansen has been active in the research sector since 1996 and is a partner and CMO at DVJ Insights and founder of NovioResearch. His expertise lies in the (research) applications involving brands and media, both offline and online. Ronald has been active as a board member at MWG (association for commercial communications and media) and more recently at the NIMA as a board member with the expert group Online Marketing. He is co-author of the handbook Online Marketing.

In addition to research, Ronald is a keen musician (playing all instruments a little) and sports (running and skiing, both not often enough), and he is chairman of the Beat Batten foundation, which tries to end the metabolic disease Batten in children.

Marieke van Echtelt

Managing Director DVJ Insights

As of March 2018, Marieke van Echtelt is the Managing Director of DVJ Insights in the Netherlands. Before entering DVJ insights, Marieke was in different positions for ten years on research and management at STER, the saleshouse of the Ductch public broadcast organization.

Within DVJ Insights, Marieke van Echtelt is head the management team responsible for the growth strategy for the years ahead. The policy focus for the coming years will be investing in quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Quality applies to people and products, while effectiveness and efficiency relate primarily to management.

Jelle Quak

Team Lead Consultants

Jelle Quak has been working in market research for ten years and has acquired much national and international experience as a researcher at MetrixLab, for which he has also worked and lived in the United States for two years. Jelle busies himself at DVJ Insights with the development of new products, and he coordinates the daily activities of DVJ Insights’ Consultancy Team.

Besides research, Jelle is an enthusiastic chef, tennis player and reader. In addition, his knowledge of Netflix is almost as alarming as it is impressive.

Willeke Franssen

Team Lead Research

After finalizing her Master’s in Marketing Research & Analytics in 2010, Willeke Franssen has been working in market research. Willeke worked at Sara Lee, MetrixLab and GfK before joining DVJ Insights. She has also been active as a board member at SMART (young persons professional group of MOA). Willeke is responsible for the Research Team, panel and quality management at DVJ Insights.

In addition to research, Willeke enjoys delicious food, travelling, cooking and wine (preferably, all of these combined). She can also be found in the park for an enthusiastic Bootcamp lesson.

Simon McDonald

Managing Director UK

Simon McDonald is the Managing Director of DVJ Insights UK, and he has more than 20 years of experience in global branding and advertising research for companies such as Unilever, Pernod Ricard, BBC Global News and National Geographic He has also worked on the client side for the Financial Times and on the agency side for various large and small research agencies. Simon helps brands and companies to better understand their consumers and he possesses a rich arsenal of innovative and holistic research techniques.

In his free time – when he’s not playing taxi chauffeur for his two children – he is on his racing bike, pretending to be a real road warrior (even though he knows he’s actually one of the many MAMILS).

The DVJ Insights idea

Data Quality: All our processes are fully ISO-certified. In our view, quality must be visible by always assuming the “first time right” principle.

Value Added: Our consultants are trained and experienced to offer added value to our clients. This added value is possible through better understanding of the “Why” in combination with relevant experience and expertise.

Joy: At DVJ Insights, people work with passion for the profession (research and consultancy). We love to share our passion with clients and always strive for improvement.

With passion for innovation

Passion for research also means taking responsibility for what is not good. Unfortunately, much research is based on outdated ideas and principles. For that reason, there is a natural drive to innovate in research. DVJ Insights has a history of innovation in research. Several highlights over the years:

  • Beginning of 1996: New forms of music research introduced in the Dutch market
  • 2001: Online music range
  • 2002: Eye-Tracking research integrated
  • 2008: Neuro experiments with KUN
  • 2011: Collaboration with NHTV for virtual supermarket
  • 2012: First Brand Reality project based on Byron Sharp
  • 2012: Introduction of Free Associations
  • 2013: Introduction of Mass Qual
  • 2014: Introduction of CCDNA for client focus
  • 2014: Introduction of Multi Purpose Panel Approach
  • 2015: Big Data integration into Reality Analytics
  • 2016: Development of RPS; unique measure of all contacts each week